Masterbarber: Henk Jansen

Gladjakkers for a clean sharp look & don’t forget: always be kind for dogs

The products of Gladjakkers have been developed by masterbarber Henk Jansen. In addition to a good product, we want to offer more to the world. We want to make the world a little more fun and friendly. Our goal is to prevent dog suffering. There is a lot of dog suffering in the world, abuse, neglect or simply dumped on the street. We support various charities that work hard to give these dogs a better life. You can help too! By buying products of Gladjakkers. We donate part of our income to these charities.

”So take care, by bye bad hairday & hello happy dogs.”

Henk Jansen & team Gladjakkers

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Gladjakkers BV

Peperstraat 7

4116 BG Buren

The Netherlands