Traditional Dutch craftsmanship

Pomade that makes your hair silky smooth, bad-ass balm that makes your cheeks sparkle, a puppy pomade for the little man or just a dose of full-on masculinity in a bottle. No matter the type of product you’re looking for, at Gladjakkers you can be damn sure to get yourself a piece of traditional, Dutch craftsmanship. Every Jack will have his Jill!

Our products are developed by top-class master barbers. The real, robust manly-men who’ve sworn their full devotion to the old school knife and never touched a shaving machine in their lives. These men have understood their trade for several generations, meaning that not only are our products top-notch, but they’re also filled with history.

The origin of the Gladjakkers formula

Where all that history originates? Well, pour yourself a glass of Jameson and sit back and relax while we take you back to the future.

A long, long time ago (read: 2011), our master barbers would teach their tricks to the trade to a new generation of hairdressers each and every week. This initiative, called the Barber College, was successful. Very successful. Over the years, we’ve taught thousands of hairdressers the art of real craftsmanship. But these barbers-to-be continued to ask us the same question: “how can we start our career as a true master barber, without the proper, Dutch-made products?!”

A question we couldn’t wait to answer... And so we didn’t wait. Within the blink of an eye, master barbers far and wide gathered with their ancient family recipes to create the best, genuine, high-quality, Dutch-made product. Candles burned, bottles emptied and by the end of the night, the first line of Gladjakker products was born.

Grooming Supply Co.

100% Dutch

The power of Gladjakkers

These ancient family recipes and the wisdom of the master barbers resulted in a line of grooming products never seen before. Based on the recipes as we used to know them back in the day, with just a pinch of modern craftsmanship. A line so mesmerizing, that we’ve been blessed to see our products on the shelves of dealers and barbershops all over the Netherlands: and even years later, each and every one of them continues to remain faithful to Gladjakkers’ traditional Dutch craftsmanship.

And that’s what makes us different. We’re not just the go-to brand you see on the shelves of the supermarket. We are a brand with history, with origin - a brand with a social story.

Gladjakkers: for people, animals ánd the environment

Although Gladjakkers is known to deliver cool, authentic and old school products: that’s not all we do. We took a vow to help make this world an even more beautiful place: starting with grooming.

Because feeling good about yourself gives you confidence - and that positive vibe will bring you happiness and success. Happiness and success of the individual can lead to happiness and success to those around them. But in addition to the great feeling that our products give people, we also do everything we can to contribute to a better, healthier world. This means that our products are cruelty-free, that our packaging is recyclable and that we support beautiful charities such as the Dierenlot Foundation and the Dierenbescherming Curacao with a percentage of our turnover. Buying our products doesn’t just put a smile on your face. It helps us to make this world a better place - one step at the time.

The most awesome merchandise

In addition to our line of grooming products, we’re also developing an amazingly cool clothing and merchandise line: recognizable by the 100% Dutch windmill as all of our products are developed and produced on Dutch soil.

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